Real estate – a highly competitive market

The search for a dream property is anything but an easy task, at the moment. Especially in big cities property prices have gone up significantly. And if you take part in an openly accessible property visit, you will quickly realize that you are not the only potential customer. As soon as 30 interested persons have submitted their application, 29 of them will come away empty-handed. Aquiring your own four walls could turn out to be a difficult and rocky road.

With this article I would like to give you some good tips, which will help you in your search for property. By following this advice, you are going to convince some of these salespersons or estate agents about yourself.


Internet is the very first contact point. Day after day, on various portals you can see property advertisements. In addition to these offers, you have the possibility to enter your search criteria and requests on these platforms. By doing this, you will be informed immediately, as soon as a new property is posted online which meets your requirements. This process of beeing informed is extremely important. Just remember, as it is often the case: You have called the estate agent or the salesman, and the responsible person told you straight away that the property in question has been already sold. At a time when potential buyers purchase real estates without inspecting them, time is a crucial factor.

A lot of properties do not officially come onto the market, but are sold underhand through relations and contacts. So it is best, if you use social contacts and media. For example, talk to your collegues, hang up some flyers at your fitness studio and post your request on Facebook, Instagram and on other social media platforms.

As soon as you have found the right property, you have to overcome further obstacles. That´s why, act quickly! Contact the estate agent or salesperson via mail right away, or additionally call the responsible person. You have to bear in mind: You will not be the only prospective customer. Quite often it has been the case, that the advertisement has been withdrawn and deactivated right after its publication, due to an extreme amount of requests.

Keep at it!

If you managed to get an appointment for viewing, please do not forget to bring a written financing confirmation with you. This indicates to the estate agent or salesperson an uncomplicated sales processing. And it also proves, you have not only just been interested in purchasing property since yesterday; on the contrary, you have dealt intensively with this issue.

The team of FinanzierungsExpert will provide you with advice and assistance in procuring a written confirmation. Should you indeed receive the acceptance for the desired property, it has to go quickly. In some cases, for example, the responsible salesperson needs the sale proceeds for requiring new property. Should all necessary documents have already been submitted to our financing experts, the follow-up processing will go much faster.

These two things, having a financing confirmation and leaving a good impression, are the determining factors. As similar to a job interview you should previously prepare appropriate questions, you whish to ask the property agent or the salesperson. Any person showing a great deal of interest in the property concerned, will make a much better impression. Not only figures and facts play an important role, but also sympathy; especially among private salepersons, who want to make sure, the estate will be in good hands.

Keep at it!

Of course, the tips listed above cannot guarantee full success. You could be as well-prepared as you like, but you finally won´t be selected for getting the desired property, because of the high number of applicants. So if there is no success, after searching for months, you should perhaps reconsider your criteria regarding property. In some cases, it is absolutely sufficient to do without a bathtub or balcony. Under any circumstances, stay continuously in touch with your estate agent and keep your eyes open and ears tuned.

The FinanzierungsExpert team – your strong and reliable partner – whishes you a lot of success  when it comes to construction financing.


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