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Repayment – the most important things about it

When it comes to affordable property financing, interest rates are often regarded as the most important element. However, if you consider the whole issue, then you will realize that repayment is also an important point. By means of redemption, you are in control of two things: How long the loan agreement will last, and how […]

We will check out your house bank´s offer

You would like to buy a property and that is why you are now looking for financial solutions? Therefore, we recommend you to take action: Those who wish to bond eternally should check the matter! As property prices rise, the amount borrowed increases at the same time. Correspondingly, small improvements of conditions lead to hugh […]

Customizing your construction financing

Speaking of construction financing, you probably think of a conventional mortgage loan at first. Certainly, this forms the foundation for your property financing. In our opinion, the following elements should be definitely taken into consideration and should not be left out: building loan contract which provides flexibility, secured interest rates at all times, and in […]

Changes at the KfW Bank

As from 1 June 2019 on, there are some changes at the KfW Bank. At this point, we have put the relevant informations together for you: 1. KfW-Programmes: Reduction of the commitment fee to 1,8%, per annum. The KfW Bank has lowered the commitment fee from 3% to 1,8%, per annum (0,15% per month). 2. […]