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Real estate – a highly competitive market

The search for a dream property is anything but an easy task, at the moment. Especially in big cities property prices have gone up significantly. And if you take part in an openly accessible property visit, you will quickly realize that you are not the only potential customer. As soon as 30 interested persons have […]

Climate protection is rewarded

In the past, it has already been possible to attain a loan with especially attractive conditions through the KfW Bank. Thanks to the climate protection package of the German goverment, from 2020 onwards, the KfW Bank will be even more interesting for customers with regard to new building projects and renovation projects. The climate protection […]

Everything you need to know about the building permit

The building permit is a specific document, issued by the building supervisory authority. It proves that a new construction or a rebuild does not violate public law regulations. Having in mind, that every federal province hat its own regulation about the location of construction, you should previously obtain informations from the responsible building supervisory authority. […]

Construction financing without equity capital – how should this be done?

As with so many things in life, sometimes the unexpected happens! You are not really looking for real estate. And honestly speaking, very shortly after beeing graduated, recently starting a job and having a lack of equity capital this kind of project does not fit with your current stage of life. But then, as luck […]

Child benefit for building – Questions and Answers

By law enactment, child benefit for building – a government grant scheme to support families building homes – was introduced, on 05 July 2018. It aims to support young families to create their own homes, by supplying cash subsidies. Does every family obtain child benefit for building? Not at all, child benefit for building is […]

Variable property financing – as a clever move

As a person who wants to acquire a new home, you have two options: Either you purchase an existing property (buying a plot of land and a building) or you buy a new real estate. In case of  new construction, there are as well two opportunities: the purchase from the property developer, as part of […]

The SCHUFA – speaking of construction financing, what should you keep in mind?

Whenever you would like to build a house or buy a property and you need a financing solution for this purpose, there is no way to avoid the following institution: The SCHUFA (a protective association for public credits) is a data collection point. Informations deriving from telecommunication agreements and from the trading and financing sector […]

Follow-up financing

As soon as the fixed-interest period has expired, in most cases real estate owners need a follow-up financing. In this respect, the right time should be chosen in order to save money. Prolongation, debt restructuring or a forward loan? There are several possibilities for arranging your follow-up financing. Follow-up financing, what does that mean? Should […]

Paragraph 489 BGB (German Civil Code) – it may sound uninteresting? By no means!

Nowadays, fixed-interest rate periods with a term of 15-30 years are anything but individual cases. Needless to say, the more the amount of liability increases, the more expensive interest rates become. But at times of low interest rates, there could still be very attractive conditions. For customers who want planning security this might just be […]

With a financial intermediary you can only win!

What exactly does a financial intermediary do? This person connects you with banks. In return therefore, he gets his share of the donor´s commission when the contract is concluded. Usually, this commission fee amounts around 1 % of the sum lent and this point will be revealed in your loan contract. When officially compairing interest […]